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I feel like when I lived in California, being environmentally sound seemed to come easier than it does here in Northern Kentucky. Even being a Wee Chelsea of only 8 years-old I was involved in a group at my elementary school called Earth Savers where we would encourage compost programs and school-wide recycling. Remember The Big Help on Nickelodeon? I was the kid that pledged X amount of hours and was held to it by my mother. So, once a week, Iain and I would walk around Round Meadow and pick up cans and pieces of paper. My dad was always a huge proponent of not leaving lights on, or letting water run or running the A/C and heat unless absolutely necessary. Though on some summer days it was absolutely miserable, in retrospect I am glad he did it.  It felt right to do these things and that feeling by doing good kind of carried through for years to come.

I’ve been thinking a lot about my environmental decisions recently. Mainly how badly I’ve slacked off since living here because it isn’t as convenient for me as it used to be. Recycling means *taking* my items to be recycled, not just putting them in a bin at the curb and having them taken away. And where I was previously living, Public Transit would equal about two hours less of sleep after working a 14 hour day. It just didn’t seem probable for me at the time. You may call me lazy or irresponsible or that I am just making excuses, but do know that it has become this massive chunk of guilt that eats away at the back of my mind. Until yesterday, when I decided it’s time to go Green, or go Home.

Yesterday Stephen and I decided to make a trip to St. Bernards to attend Latin Mass. Instead of driving all the way there, we drove about a mile to the bus stop (not a safe road for walking at all) and caught the bus down into Newport and then on to Dayton, Kentucky. After Mass, we decided to try our luck at walking back to Newport for some lunch. It was absolutely wonderful. We were able to *talk* about it and discuss without one of us having to worry about other drivers or directions. After lunch at the Levee and a brief discussion with Chris and Kris Mooney, we decided to head over to their abode in beautiful Covington for some lazy afternoon conversation and a beer or two.

The Mooneys do a really great job at being that brand of environmentally friendly that I admire so much. Very innovative and very active in making efforts to ensure theirs and their neighbors negative impact on the environment is minimal.

After our visit, we walked back to the Transit Center and caught our bus back to our car to drive to Stephen’s family’s house for an excellent pizza dinner and movie.

When I got in the car, I felt bad about driving. I didn’t want to do it. I didn’t mind the bus. It was nice to not have to worry about other drivers, or missing my exit, or being distracted by radios and cell phones. Both Stephen and I realized that we want to start making a much more conscious effort to be more environmentally friendly.  And I think, with one to hold the other to it, we can probably make it happen.

In addition to riding the bus more, creating less waste and recycling more, my desire to go organic has really been eating (no pun intended) away at me.

I can’t stand picking up a package of “cheese” and having the first ingredient be cheese followed by chemicals and artificial colors and flavors that I cannot pronounce nor care to know anything about its impact on my body and how the heck my body is going to figure out how to digest half the things that are being put in it. There’s no need for cheese to be anything except milk and cultures, but because of the need to ensure shelf life and minimize profit loss, the most basic of foods are pumped full of chemicals and sugars to prolong its shelf life. High Fructose Corn Syrup is in nearly everything and it shouldn’t be. The more I’ve thought about it, the more I’ve come to believe that one of the the main causes of obesity, diabetes and myriad other diseases that plague our society comes from the chemicals and hormones that are in the food that we eat every day and our inability and unwillingness to read labels. People are so concerned with going on sugar free or carb free diets, when I am almost positive that just reading labels and knowing exactly what you’re putting in your body and asking it to digest will be the biggest aides in becoming healthier, however you decide to define that.

And so it begins, Friends. I’m not going to creep around it anymore, or try and create an excuse as to why I cannot do so.  It’s time to take my concerns and considerations to heart and making a bigger and bolder effort to go Green, Organic, Granola, or whatever you want to call me.

(This is going to birth a subsection of this blog as to be edited by both Stephen and myself, but for the moment, that’s a work in progress. Thanks for the patience in advance.)

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Today I was discussing with my dear friend Fran my intense desire to make out (AKA, eat an entire bag of Hershey Kisses.).

My sugar craving meter is off the chart today and completely uncontrollable.

And at its peak, like some sort of Angel, a coworker handed me a pouch of a little twinkle from my childhood. A bag of Pop Rocks. And it was perfect. I love them. I need them more often. And I want to drink them.

I promised myself to take a break from consumption after my massively gross hangover yesterday, but I really think that I can put that aside for one of those.

Pop Rock Party? Please?