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Happy Anniversary to us! Wheee!


(Love you, Stephen Chase.)

I love me some Halloween (Oh, did you notice my not-so-chic Halloweenie layout? Of course you didn’t.). You know who else loves Halloween? Candy-bloated, $60 costume-wearing kids. So, of course, the library wants to cash in on this opportunity and throw our younger patrons a little par-tay. Guess who gets that jobby?


So, for our Adventure Club, which is grades 1-5, I wanted to make it special. And not your typical “bobbing for apples, Oh, look how much candy we can inhale” party. And since I have a very, oh, let’s call it “obsession” with multi-cultural programming, I am having an International Halloween Party.

The kids are going to learn about China’s Mid-Autumn Festival, Native American Harvest Festivals, Diwali and, of course, Dia de los Muertos. And then make a craft and have a snack from each of the cultures! Woo hoo! Multiculturalism!

(Yes, the Native American Craft is missing and that’s because it’s still somewhere in my brain, not quite ready to come out yet. Though I really wish it would.)

I get pretty excited for elections.  Puh-rhe-tty excited. I remember when I was a kid, my mom would let us go in the voter booth with her and we’d get to push the thingy through the hole. Oh! Joy!

And we’d get ‘I Voted’ stickers.

There’s no doubt I’ll be one of the first in line next Tuesday to cast my ballot.

That being said, this is incredibly scary.

That took no time at all and I can’t even remember really getting a chance to soak in Autumn.

Autumn is my favorite time of year, second only to that first warmer day in Spring, and tonight, as Northern Kentucky faces the possibility of snow flurries, I can’t believe I missed Autumn. There’s this road that I love to take when I drive home from work. It’s a little bit longer, but virtually empty and takes me down a beautiful tree lined path that gets the best evening sun.  The trees are displaying the most embracing and warm tones of golden yellows and crimson reds, but they’re growing more bare as the days go on. I need to remind myself to get out my camera before I miss it.

It’s brought up a lot of memories of Autumn in L.A.. It only lasts a few days, and if you blink, you’re sure to miss Mureau Road’s beautiful transformation from Summer to Autumn to Winter.

Aside from colors that you cannot replicate anywhere else, I love that Autumn brings these scents that associate easily with cozy blankets, warm apple cider and fires in the fireplace. Not to mention Halloween.

I have fond memories of October as a child. Mom’s crock pot brewing yummy drinks and tearing out the Halloween Decorations to make our house the most festive on the block.

I think, in a sense October and the Autumn weather still gives me a lot of those feelings as a frazzled adult with not enough hours in the day nor enough dollars in my bank account. I slow it down. Let my senses unravel around the beauty that is apparent this time of year.   Noticing the smells of spices, the tastes that don’t taste the same in Spring,   remembering what crisp weather felt like on my face, seeing the brilliance of nature take hold of everything she touches, and hearing the stillness of it all that starts to creep in just in time for hibernation.

That all over warmth that no matter where you are, it feels like home.

(Ugh, I need to get back into writing more.)

I don’t think I could get away with calling myself particularly “wealthy” or “well off” or “rolling it in”, but I do suppose that I am (at time of this writing) “getting by” which is okay. I’m young. I don’t have a ton of expenses, but don’t really have room for any either. That being said, Dear Stephen and I seldom get out on the conventional “candle-lit-dinner-and-a-movie-followed-by-coffee” Date. It’s cool.

But, you can imagine that I hop on any chance we get to have a Date Night. And October has, so far, yielded TWO such events. And one Date Day. I love him.

Since around June, Stephen and I have been chomping at the bit to get out and see Religulous, a film by Bill Maher that serves as a commentary organized religion. When we realized that we’d a) Have money and b) have a night that he didn’t work, we jumped on the chance to have a good old fashioned date. We ate dinner at Melt which is to die for yum-e delicious. It’s a cute vegan/vegetarian/carnivore friendly deli/cafe in Northside. Right across from Shake It Records, too! Great location.

(Upon arriving in Northside, we drove past an Obama HQ. Not about to miss the chance to get inside, I swung around the block and parked us right in front. We went in, made our donation and walked away with some neat stickers and a yard sign. What better way to start off Date Night than with some Obama!)

Anyway, we ate and it was go-od and after a short walk around the neighborhood and stumbling across and SPX (to use the lingo) church, we made our way swiftly up to Northside to catch a 7:25 of Religulous.  Which I really liked. A lot. I will write a full and complete post on how and why later, as I don’t think I am quite up to right now.

After the movie we headed next door to Sitwells where we could talk about the movie over a cup of coffee and some vanilla ice cream. We both talked about our favorite parts of the movie, our shock at some of the people in the movie and the way that it made us feel to be part of that 16% that considers themselves “non-religious”. I can talk to Stephen more freely and easily than I can talk to anyone I’ve ever met. He asks me questions and makes me think, and I do the same to him.  We can share how we both feel about so many things after coming from, at times, such different backgrounds. I love hearing what he says about his convictions as part of that 16% and it makes me realize some of my own. It was a rush of learning new things about him or hearing him talk about what were both realizing about ourselves. Knowing he’s with me and knowing he feels the same way made me feel proud.  Proud. Really, suddenly, proud.

So, apologies. Blogging apparently doesn’t suit me as well as I had hoped it would.

Do you want to know what I’ve been up to? This might be easy as I am sitting right next to my mutilated desk calendar that sports coffee spills, multi-colored ink, odd annotations that I cannot decipher, but I can let you know, and provide you a few pictures what my trusty desk calendar says I’ve been doing.

My last post was October 2nd. Ah, yes, the day that Gab came to town for a short spell. I remember it well.

That picture was taken at Stefanie’s 22nd Birthday party which was a grand old time celebrated in excellent company. See?

Okay, moving along… do, do, do, do, do…

Oh, I got that new Rachael Yamagata CD, and maybe I haven’t given it enough time, but maybe I have and it really is as boring and unexciting as I think. Sigh, oh, well.

My Adventure Club at the library watched Nim’s Island which was actually really cute and really fun. Abigail Breslin is a doll and Jodie Foster and I go waay back.

We had staff day at the library which is kind of training, but mostly fun. After the morning of quasi-business related matters, they had lunch served by Ollie’s Trolley. Delish! And then fun lunchtime activities, like chair massage, a “portoonist” and (gasp!) a tarot card reader. I did all three and I think that the only thing that disturbed me more than the portoonist was the tarot card. Kind of creepy-accurate. But I can’t tell if that’s my brain hearing what it wants to hear. In any event, she definitely gave me and a few other co-workers the creeps.

On October 11th Stephen took me on a hot date! We ate at Melt. Um… AMAZO DELISH HOT MOMA! So good. I love this place and have eaten there a few times. When you come visit, we will go there, I promise. After dinner we headed up to Clifton to the quaint and classic Esquire Theater for a viewing of Religulous… You know what. This whole day is an entry in and of itself… After this one. If I have time and energy. Promise.

And, of course, October 12th saw the Advent of Silena Smith-Shamey The Great! Our roommate has alas arrived and we couldn’t be happier. It kind of stinks right now because our work schedules are topsy turvy and never matching, but she’s such a doll and a love and I adore her to her core! Woo hoo! The Ladies have taken control of Apartment One Congress!

 Last Friday we went to Ben Cober and his roommate Katie’s Halloween Party, ROCKTOBER! We had such a good time here and really enjoyed our costumes. If you know, you know, but I am going to wait to reveal the photos until after next Saturday, November 1st when we are hosting The First Annual Dia De Los Muertos Sadie Hawkins’ Extravagaanza. It’s going to rock. This Friday we have Katie and Stefanie’s Halloween Party, which will be awesome, but in order to ensure the life of my pantyhose and capture maximum awe from our Halloween Costumes, we are going as Classic Greeks to this party. Photos will be present because my new camera should be arriving from UPS TO-DAY! WOO HOO!!!

I think that pretty much brings us up to speed.

Hopefully now that that, “here’s where I’ve been” blog is out of the way, I can get into something more substantial. Ha. Wishful thinking.

Remember that little album called Happenstance that knocked you on your ass back in 2004? I do, quite well, actually. Rachael Yamagata released this gem, toured up a storm and teased this entire time about a new album, “coming soon, coming soon, coming soon.” I wasn’t sure exactly what kept it on hold and I don’t *really* care, but in the process of waiting, I put Miss Yamagata on time out for a bit. Whatev. Don’t get emotional about it. I still hold her near and dear to my heart, but I just got sick of waiting, so I moved on for a piece.

Well, “Soon” is finally here and Miss Yamagata is finally releasing a 2 disc (though I would call it 1.5) Sophomore release, Elephants and Teeth Sinking Into Heart.  It’s going to feature a lot of songs we’ve been hearing live for quite sometime now, especially a personal favorite “What if I Leave.”  Very well, Rach! I am pretty excited for this, especially her upcoming Hotel Cafe Tour. Check it out. It’s all over this great land.

If you’re jonesing for a listen now, head over to NPR (heart) and listen to a live concert she did in Philadelphia a few weeks ago.

Next piece of business…

I know Largo has moved, which leaves me with mixed emotions, but in looking at the new website and schedule, I am very, very homesick for Largo. Ouch 😦

And finally…


Where to begin.

First: Watch this

Second: Call 1-888-717-ACID

Third: BUY IT!

Post Script:

Stephen and I watched Amadeus the other night. I hadn’t seen it in a really, really long time and I forgot how much I really enjoy that movie. And how much I miss orchestra.