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So, the biggest bug that’s been zooming around my head recently has been the one that says “Go to Grad School.” “Study for the GRE.” “Get off Yo’ Bottom!”
And it’s true. I really do need to continue my education to a different level. I love learning, I love school and I miss them both greatly. And with that comes the decision making of what kind of school exactly do I wish to enroll in. While Anthropology is my love, what I truly want to do with it is more related to Journalism rather than being a full blown Margaret Mead (Oh, how I’d love it!). But I think what I’d love, even more, is getting involved in Children’s Television Programming. Think PBS or even the Travel Channel and I could produce Travel Documentaries geared towards kids of families. Oh, dream jobs.

To me, this sounds wholly communications/journalism driven as far as a master’s goes, so today I have taken my first step in requesting a meeting with an advisor and professor at NKU to discuss their MA in Communications program.


Oh, what a night.

Friday was filled with Panera and the Best Damn Kroger You Ever Saw.

Silena came, too! So she got to meet Miss Fran for some delicious Paneraing. I L-O-V-E Panera.

And, unfortunately, Miss Fran could not join us for Kroger, so Silena and I trekked down to Walton, I ran over an already dead racooon and we ventured into Kroger. Sadly, I forgot my camera, so I have no pictures, but trust me when I say that this location was phenomenally large and phenomenally awesome. And, we’re getting one in Newport! Northern Kentuckians, go. It’s worth the trek to Walton, promise.

Sadly, distance, a poor economy and an even poorer amount of spare time, has rendered me Fran-less for the last, oh, who knows how long.

For those that aren’t familiar with Fran LaVilla, she’s not only the Queen Blogger of Being Fran(k), but she’s perhaps the kindest and sweetest soul this world has ever known. And she’s always good for a unique and fantastic Girls’ Night. My only regret is that our dear friend and Fellow Ex-Barista, Anna, has left us for the great state of Florida leaving our musketeering down to two. Fear not, readers. We do press on.

Now, while many of you may be battling bloodsuckers and teen lusters alike to see Twilight tonight, Fran and I have opted for a more practical date. That’s right, Kids. After a filling and somewhat healthier dinner at Panera Bread, we’re off to Walton, Kentucky to witness first-hand the dawn of a new era in food shopping: The Kroger Marketplace.

What does that even mean, you ask? Well, you will be glad to know that I asked the same question and went to the Kroger Website that didn’t even have a listing for the establishment. It’s okay, Kroger. You’re not the only ones that don’t know that Walton, Kentucky is a real place. But, from what I’ve heard and from what the advertisements I’ve gotten in the mail detail, is that this place is kind of a variety hour of grocery stores with everything from a jewelery store to a Starbucks. Oh, Joy. More Starbucks. But I recognize the need for the kind people of South Of Florence, Kentucky to have such amenities.

So, I’m ready to go. I don’t have too much of a game plan, except I’ve brought my walking shoes and have fresh batteries in my camera. Let’s go Krogering!

Look! I can do a post about baby animals just like you!

(After the jump, kids.)

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I came across this website filled with hilarious and true Cincinnati-themed t-shirts.

I was going to copy a few pictures of my favorites, but there are just too many. So here’s four:

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And you can, too!

So, my first weekend of being back in the saddle was a success.

I went to the gym on Saturday for one hour with Morgan and on Sunday for another hour with Silena. On my way home from work, I’ll stop off for another fun-filled hour of cardio, weights and more! Woo hoo!

I’m a little sore today, but I’m kind of enjoying it.

And, as we speak, in my brand new Crock Pot rests a big batch of white chicken chili. I’m not sure how it’s going to turn out. But you’ll be the first to know. Promise!

You’re welcome.

That’s right kids. I’ve joined the YMCA for the gym benefits.

One of the things I missed about living in L.A. was living with my folks so I could afford a near-$50/month membership to 24 Hour Fitness. I looooove 24 Hour. And to my slight dismay (because I knew I couldn’t afford it), I cancelled my membership and haven’t seriously belonged to any fitness facility since I moved.

When I lived in Oakbrook, running was easy, but since moving to the City of Covington and feeling how truly gross and cold it is outside, I knew I couldn’t procrastinate.

I’ve lost a significant amount of weight in the past two years and I feel better because of it. But I still have a goal to reach and eating healthy most of the time just isn’t going to get me there without a little extra. So, with some needed pressure from my co-worker Morgan, I went over today and paid my dues to become a card-carrying YMCA member. I start Saturday. Tomorrow is just too hectic. (I’m getting my hairs did! Ooohh!)

Is there anything more distressing than feeling winter via horribly chapped lips and being unable to locate the Nth chap stick you’ve bought that week?

The Nth chap stick I’ve bought this week happens to be Blistex: Complete Moisture.  Um, hello? It’s amazing.

I will, without question, be PISSED when I lose it tonight.