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Whew. It’s gonna be a l-o-o-o-o-ng Winter, Kids.

I’m pretty pleased with my little Pre-Christmas weekend.

  • I managed to avoid any and all shopping centers.
  • I ate delicious Indian food with mai boy and some other lovely Gents.
  • Even in spite of the obscene amounts of baking that I did all weekend, I didn’t burn my hand, not once.
  • The party was a success, even if I think some of my friends may or may not be alcoholics.
  • And even though I spent almost all of yesterday cleaning, I still made it to the gym for a good 45-minute, 614 calorie burning workout. Woo Hoo!
  • OH! And, I got to see Fran two times! SUCCESS!

At present, I am seeking the motivation to do much of anything here at the library. It’s quiet today and I wanted to upload party pictures, but it appears that I have left my camera cord at home. Ah, c’est la vie.

Tomorrow, Duke Energy is supposed to come read my gas meter again. Because I didn’t freeze my ass off all month to pay $316. No, Sir! So, while I am hoping the reading is wrong, I am also hoping that he doesn’t show up until 3:30, so I miss out on a full day of work tomorrow, thus causing me to spend all of it wrapped up in blanket heaven and holiday movie goodness with Le Garcon.


It’s snowing! I will take pictures! Te prometo!

So, for those of you not hip to the Facebook will be missing out on the fact that my family is having a Grand Old Christmas Party on December 26th ( Feel free to come!!! E-mail me for details…).

It’s mainly something that us Graham Kids are doing, and in the process of making the invitation, some of us decided to submit our own Christmas Card Photo type things. I thought you might like to see them.

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1. I lost! (Which is a good thing because here at the Library we’re doing the Biggest Loser) And I lost!

2. I am almost done Christmas shopping!

3. I am meeting with an advisor today in the Masters in Communication Studies at NKU!

4. I started decorating L’Apartment for Christmas! Now all we need is a tree!

Pictures? Yoooou got it…

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Sure, I believe you when you say that it’s just in time for the Oscar voting to begin…


I wonder… is there any sort of tragic milestone also happening around that time? Maybe like the day before? Hmmm….

Ugh. Sickening.



I can sense it in how cold my feet and nose are becoming on an almost regular basis. And how sleepy I get so early. And how my appetite has grown to hibernation preparedness mode. Yessir, it’s nearly winter. I crave chocolate with an intensity that makes me feel weak at the sight of any and all Hershey products and I am itching to get up into Cincinnati to see Fountain Square and go ice skating in the shadow of Macy’s, US Bank, PNC and 5/3 (Tomorrow, hopefully!).  I want to decorate my apartment from head to toe in green and red and I can’t wait to have our first real snow.

One thing I’ve learned early on in my great Cincinnati Adventure was that when they say it’s going to snow, it ain’t and when they say it ain’t gonna snow, grab your boots.  The past week has been a sterling example of just that.  While we’ve had the occasional flurry here and there, we haven’t had the Snow yet, and I don’t think we will for a little while, but this morning was kind of beautiful in that way that you know the snow is just about ready to make it’s debut in Cincinnati.

In Covington, as many of you may have heard me bitch and moan about before, we have street cleaning days and since I’ve had a few run ins with The Law, I’ve been much more careful about moving my car. So, this morning at 7 am, I got out of bed, threw on the warmest pajamas I could find and my big coat and trekked out into the wild to find a parking spot. It wasn’t easy to find, and I could have been way more frustrated by the experience, considering the temperature was in the 20s and cars were relentlessly zipping down Greenup Street, but it was okay, and I was okay as I took comfort in the flurries and flakes that fell from the sky and parked themselves on my coat and slippers. It was serene and quiet and a sign from the world that everything is getting ready to settle in for a long winter’s nap.