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Also! I have been checking out some new music lately:
1. Juana Molina- Un Dia
2. Coconut Records- Davy
3. Sara Watkins- (Self Titled)
4. PJ Harvey & John Parish- A Man and a Woman Walked By
5. Death Cab For Cutie- The Open Door EP
6. Yeah Yeah Yeahs- It’s Blitz!
7. She & Him- Volume One (I know, not new, but I’m behind)

Hopefully this is some sort of motivation to write something? Time shall tell…

One of my favorite memories is one from Summer of 2006, standing in a field with some new friends in the middle of Northeast Argentina, a little tipsy on fantastic Argentine wine and just looking up. It was the stuff of legend. When one has spent their entire life looking at a Northern Hemisphere night sky polluted by city light, there is nothing quite like being out there in the middle of nowhere, with no major cities for hundreds of miles and just looking Up. The sky was so clear, you could see belts and shooting stars and beautiful decorations and patterns that were ever changing. One of the coolest parts was that you could see satellites scraping their way through the night sky. So beautiful. So amazing.

Anyway, one of my favorite websites is They often have neat information on when and where to look for fun happenings in the night sky. Very neat stuff. Anyway, I also found a link on their website for the best time, in your zip code, to catch a satellite flyby. And it looks like the International Space Station is going to be gracing our skies in the next few days. How neat!

So check it out and look up, Kid.