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I found this book at my desk called “CHASE’S Calendar of Events 2008.” in which each day of the year is presented with various celebrations, holidays and celebrity birthdays.

Being that I obviously lack the motivation to write something substantial every day, but completely posses the motivation to stay un-productive at work… I bring you “QUASI-MEANINGLESS CALENDRICAL OCCURRENCES

Today is:

  • The National Sweetcorn Festival begins today in Hoopeston, Illinois. Includes 29 tons of free corn on the cob, nationally sanctioned beauty pageant, carnival, flea market, horse show, demolition derby, bands and talent show.



  • Today is the anniversary of the beginning of Radio Commercials.  WEAF in New York ran a commercial “spot”  sponsored by Queensboro Realty Corp. So let’s take our time today to sing our most loathed radio jingle… “SPORT CHALET (Sport Chaleeeeeet!!!!!!)”
  • We take you to the limit!

    "We take you to the limit!"

  • Race Your Mouse Around the Icons Day is celebrated today. The description in the book reads, and I quote “While you’re waiting for any number of endless items to finally come up on your screen, don’t just sit there. Race your mouse in and around the icons. You’ll feel peppy doing it.” Then proceed to try and ingest your mouse. Ugh. Pay me to make up this crap.
  • Squeak!


  • Today is also the 45th Anniversary of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “I have a dream” speech. And the night that Barry O’Bama makes his acceptance speech at the DNC. Life is g-o-o-d. But would be better if I were with my PEOPLE.
  • Barack pointing directly in the direction of 1417 Greenup Street in Covington, Kentucky Yo, Girl!

Happy Birthday to…

  • Jason Priestly (39) And still unreasonably goofy looking.
  • LeAnn Rimes (26) Awkward prom songstress extraordinaire.
  • Daniel Stern (51) The Wettest Bandit of them all.
  • Shania Twain (43) “Shania HATES mayo.”