Salutations, Friends and Lovers and welcome to SeaBabble, Part II.

I, Chelsea Margaret Acunis Graham, have created this blogging adventure as a clean slate and a new beginning to accompany many new beginnings that seem to be, well, beginning.

I live in Northern Kentucky, or Greater Cincinnati, or The United States of America. Whichever. I moved here from Los Angeles, California on a young adventuress’ whim and have found it to be nothing I was expecting and everything I needed. Needless to say, I am comfortable and enjoying.

I am a graduate student in Communication Studies. This means that I posess very little time for absurdities such as sleep and I drink large cups of coffee at a rate which rivals that of how quickly my jokes turn to nerd-theory humor and yuks.  Grad School is either a great cure or a horrible enabler of narcissism.

I hope I’m great someday.

Res ipsa loquitur.